My first post :)

Hi guys,

So my first ever blog, exciting right?! Well who knew I would start writing about my life. To be honest Im normally a very closed-book-type of person, don’t open up to many people but my life has taken a complete turn since my 5 year old adopted son moved in almost 10 weeks ago.
Life as I originally knew it has completely but fabulously changed. Granted there are completely horrendous days but then there are those amazing days where I just sit back and think how utterly amazing my life is and how grateful I am to be in this situation.

My journey to fatherhood began many years ago back in 2013. Myself and my husband originally looked into surrogacy, neither of us had really thought about adoption. I had looked into surrogacy and made an appointment with a centre for both of us to go and get the information we needed to see whether this was an option for both of us. UK law is super complicated and not fully easy around surrogacy. After a brief chat following the appointment we decided that this path is not for us. Firstly its super expensive (it was about the same amount as our deposit for our apartment!) but also in the UK there is no (well was at the time I’m not so sure now) guarantee that the surrogate would not try to keep the baby despite it not being biologically hers!! We did briefly look at doing it in the US but financially this would not be possible.

After 3 years of putting fatherhood on the back burner and focussing on our lives and buying our first home together we went back to the drawing board and decided to look at adoption. By this point we were living in Greenwich so we registered for their information evening. Anyway roughly 3 years after going to the information evening I am sat here writing this blog with my little guy fast asleep up in his bedroom…….seems unreal that I am now a Dad. I completely love it.

Im hoping that not only this blog help me offload but will be of some help to those going through this process or pass on some of my slight wisdom to those looking at being dads. I aim to explain the process both the good and the bad through this blog….perhaps this might become something and I can author it who knows!!!

Anyways, I think I might have waffled on for ages now and probably it might be absolute chaos and make zero sense but hey ho! The next entry will for sure make sense!!!


2 Replies to “My first post :)”

  1. First let me say, Congratulations on being a dad. I think with the mindset you have shown in this post you will make a fantastic father. I wish you all the best in the known and unknown struggles to come.

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